The very best in email marketing

Why Mail Es!?

Mail Es! is not some faceless newsletter module that leaves all the work to you. Mail Es! is backed up by a team of designers, programmers and marketing experts. So Mail Es! is a full service offering, supporting you in every aspect of your email marketing. Our range of services includes:

Concept development

The right concept is crucial to the success of your newsletter. We work with you to develop a targeted strategy.

Layout & design

To make sure that your newsletter really catches the eye, we create an attractive design for you, tailored to your corporate identity guidelines.

Signup forms

We set up a double opt-in process in line with legal requirements and provide ready-to-use signup forms for your website.

Dispatch management

We manage your address and distribution lists, with personalized forms of address and timed dispatch.

Analysis & reporting

A range of analysis and reporting tools can be used for detailed evaluations and to create reader profiles.

Optimized campaigns

We plan your marketing automation, triggered emails and personalized content in accordance with your readers' responses.

Your benefits with Mail Es!

Here at Mail Es! our aim is to help you with every aspect of email marketing. Just tell us what you want to say in your newsletter, and we will do the rest. Above all, we want to spare you from all the tedious details. So there are no compromises when it comes to the options available. With Mail Es! you get:

Full service

The comprehensive, care-free package from Mail Es! saves you time so you can concentrate on the next task at hand.

Personalized design

No standard templates! Mail Es! guarantees a tailor-made design that fits with your company's image.

Optimized for all devices

Responsive programming ensures that your message looks its best on any laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Targeted form of address

With the right form of address your newsletter will hit home with every target audience.

Fast and accurate dispatch

Advanced automation and prior testing including previews optimize delivery success.

Improvement through evaluation

Detailed reporting allows for continuous improvements to your newsletter, increasing the response rate from recipients.

Powerful technology

Benefitting from all the innovative features of the Maileon system from XQueue, Mail Es! is future-proof by design.

Landing page(s) on request

For extra impact we will also design and program a suitable landing page for your message.

Newsletter example 1

Example 1: CSM seminar email shot

  • Themed teaser
  • Short, personalized form of address
  • Links to signup forms
  • Image-rich design to match your corporate identity
Newsletter example 2

Example 2: Curasan newsletter

  • Seasonal design as eyecatcher
  • Integrated event dates for readers to add to their calendars
  • Responsivity
  • Categorization for easy reading
Customer logo
Customer logo
Customer logo
Customer logo

Newsletter + landing page package

A newsletter has even more impact if the topics it covers are reinforced with a link to a corresponding landing page. Contact us today to take advantage of our package deal!